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to bring you the best deals from your favorite stores and keep more cash in your pocket. Lets face it everybody wants a discount on name brand products.

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You will find all the best deals to be had, from basic necessities to those
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At you have access to millions of products, 1000's... of free coupons, coupon codes, promotional codes, free shipping offers, discount and clearance items, seasonal sales and so much more...

Does it matter?   We think so.
So here we share some passions and values...

Challange your imagination and put your idea's into action now.

to dream!

Enrich others lives. Share your creativity and wisdom with others. Strive to grow and do better everyday. Do something as time will pass you by! Break bread and drink wine with friends offen. Celebrate the successes of others. Help others grow and make new friends. Encourage others don't discourage them. Don't be jealous be empowered. Your path, your choice, choose wisely. Follow your dreams. Take control of your life. Plan to succeed not fail. Engage and enable our children to learn and grow. Achieving goals is not always easy, but the rewards are always easy to take. Failure breeds new born wisdom to better assist your next adventure. Be strong, be resilient and especially be persistent, it will reward you. Cause no harm to others while you achieve your dreams, as those others could just as well be your own children or someone else's. Be a foundation for someone that has fallen behind and needs re-inspired!

Do what
you want!

Be true to whom you are and what you are capable of, be spectacular.

At Couponsmatter we hope to help create lifestyles by giving you choices that in turn will help you enrich your life.

Our philosophy is simple!

Give our visitors a place they can find what they are looking for fast, save money and feel confident their getting the best deals on the web.

We constantly add features like...

Free coupons by email with MyCouponMailer™ & MyAlertMailer™ that lets you know when your favorite stores are having a sale on your favorite brands and products and are delivered right to your in-box!

With MyCouponMailer™ you choose when you receive the mail, be it daily, weekly or monthly, and with MyAlertMailer™ you know just seconds after we know! It's a great way to save time, gas, mileage and your hard earned money. Plus you can easily share coupons with friends and family.

Talk2Us™ is a place you can let loose and tell us whats on your mind. So don't hold back as we want to hear from you!

It's always been about sharing the experience...

It's about helping others. It's always been about "sharing the savings with friends". That's truly what matters!

We also wanted you to know...

That we have created a place that is socially rewarding, with features that allow our visitors to find and chat with each other, to easily share or seek out the best deals, post and review expert advice, post coupons and your favorite buys, make new friends, find just the right item or gift, or just enjoy browsing our endless selection of stores, brands, coupons and savings...

You know...
saves you money, from one click to another!

We look forward in sharing this experience with you and your friends!

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