Q: How can Couponsmatter make these coupons and other offers free to visitors?

A: Because our partnered merchants have less overhead having you shop online and therefore pass the savings on to you the customer in the form of coupons and other promotional incentives.

Q: Do all coupons have codes that have to be entered at check out with different stores?

A: No. It depends on the store (merchant) that issues the coupon. Some have many promotions running at the same time and need to assign codes to keep order in their business and ensure you get the discount promised.

Q: If a coupon has no expiration date dose that mean it lasts forever?

A: You wish...   Actually it just means there was no expiration date available for us to post and/or it's considered to be "on-going" and will expire at anytime the merchant sees fit.   So like they say...   "Time is of the Essence".   We say seize the moment and save!

Q: How come you post a coupon code but when I get to the stores site and go to check out there's no place to enter the code or the code dose not work?

A: That's because some stores include the discount (if they are only running one sale at that time) in the check-out process automatically. Or stores sometimes change and/or expire promotions and neglect to communicate this information to us in a timely manner. We do try our best to test all links to ensure your experience is a smooth one.

Q: I forgot to use the coupon code and didn't realize it until after I checked out. What should I do?

A: Well...   we do realize one can get caught up in the moment, but lets not forget why you shop through Couponsmatter in the first place.   To Save Money!   Right?   So...   the first thing to do is check the stores return policy, then if it's no biggy, just cancel the transaction and re-buy using the coupon code.   See... not so hard!

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